I can’t talk up Brian’s coaching enough. I spent far too long bouncing between online basic programs that didn’t cater to my needs or goals. After my first peaking cycle leading up to a competition with him where I exceeded even my own expectations, I paid in advance for another 7 months of coaching up until my next competition. The scientific backing he gives as to why certain exercises and movements are given to you is so much better than a basic trainer saying “Because it’s good for you”. If you’re looking to get strong, get your nutrition in order or just get fitter, hit Brian up ASAP.

Taylor, Australia

To say Brian is good at what he does is a complete understatement. Anyone can be “good” at what they do. Brian is so much more than that though. He’s passionate, committed, determined, dedicated, skilled, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about every single one of his clients. For someone that has over 60 clients, that can be a big ask, but it just proves the type of person Brian is.

I came to Brian after 8 months off training (for personal reasons) and am still currently in my first training block and about to compete in a novice comp (not my first, but my first in over a year). Even though it’s only been two months I am so surprised and happy with how strong, confident and motivated I feel. Brian asked me what my goals were at the start of this block and I haven’t actually told him this (so him reading this will be a first), but when I emailed him what they were I actually told myself they’re probably unrealistic to achieve this year because of all my time off and knowing how difficult it was for me to even hit my current pb’s before those 8 months. Apparently, Brian is a magician as well as a coach because in this upcoming comp I’ll be attempting a new squat pb and possibly equal my deadlift with my bench not too far behind. That absolutely astounds me. And I KNOW I could not have achieved anything close to this without his programming, guidance and, most importantly, belief in me.

I also train alongside this guy at the same gym and not only is he an incredible coach, he is also an incredible lifter. Which should not surprise anyone who trains under his programming. I see first-hand how his dedication to his training reflects his dedication to his clients. They go hand in hand. And with the advantage of training with him, I see how his hard work inspires others to better themselves, myself being one of them.

Brian, thank you. For everything. You’ve inspired me more than you know. You’ve taught me to be brave. You’ve extinguished my self-doubt and ignited my self-confidence and for that I am truly grateful. You are a brilliant coach, respected lifter, but above all, a remarkable person. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re making waves and everyone can see that.

Now bring on the rest of this year! Emily, Australia

Before starting coaching services with Brian, i had no idea what i was doing and was getting nowhere with my strength and size. However, after coming across his service; that all changed. Brian accommodated me with the help i needed to achieve my goals that i never thought was possible. Personalising weekly training plans which are adjusted accordingly every week and checking up on me. Brian is very knowledgable and is always willing to answer my questions whenever needed very quickly. Through the duration of my training with Brian, i had the chance to take on powerlifting where he had guided me through my first competition where i took first place in the 75kg weight class. I never thought this was ever possible, but the motivation, passion and drive Brian displays days in and out changes that negative thought you have and makes you push through your limits. As Brian always says, “trust the process”. I can’t thank Brian enough for his guidance and service.

David, Australia

I am Brian’s first online client and have been working with him since September 2015. I was just over 21 at the time and initially hired him to get me through a twelve week cut with minimal strength and muscle loss. In the process, he kept my bench intact, took me to a 135 overhead press after never having done the movement, and added 30 pounds to my squat 2RM. After the cut, I decided to take a break, and after stalling badly on 5/3/1 I returned to him and have never even thought about stopping since. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​One training block after returning, I had a 15 pound bench PR and a 30 pound squat PR (taking me to 315 for the first time), and also achieved a 300 pound deadlift having never done the movement before. I hurt my back and shoulder shortly after this due to a lazy mobility regime. Brian was able to help me with rehab, and strengthened my weaknesses while still having me progress on the movements I could. It’s been about 5.5 months since I fully recovered, and had to restart squatting at 95 lbs. In that amount of time, Brian’s programming has let me add about 250 lbs to that lift for a significant lifetime PR, along with another 15 pound bench PR and great progress on several other accessories. He also convinced me to deadlift off blocks while I continue to work on my mobility, which is something not many coaches have the intelligence to do. Adjusting for each client’s strengths and weaknesses is a huge reason to work with Brian.​​​​​​​​​​The truth is that once you work with Brian long enough, he will be able to learn exactly how your body responds to varying volume and intensity and then its gains on easy-mode. At this point, he’s so good at figuring what I need to progress that I feel like I never need to worry about failing a rep ever again. I suggest that anyone who reads this definitely consider signing up if you’re interested in some serious muscle and strength gains.

Rahul, India

I started training under Brian’s guidance about 8 months ago. When I started with him I had a 650kg total and some horrible technique on all of lifts. Since I’ve started all of my lifts have skyrocketed, we’re looking at going 800kg+ on my total at Perth  Cup, over 150kg in what will be 10 months of programming. My technique has come a long way through guidance, and advice. The experience, the wealth of knowledge and programming to my wants and needs has pushed me further than I ever thought possible in the time frame! Would recommend Brian to anybody interested if improving themselves 100 times out of 100.

Daniel, Australia

I started coaching with Brian about 1.5 ago after doing my own programming for a long time. Good knowledgable programming is underestimated, Brian helped me reach goals I never though was possible. Under Brian’s wings I have increased my total with 100kgs+ from a novice lifter to elit. More important is that he always been there supporting when I doubted myself. I would not have been where I am today in my Powerlifting career without his help.

Agnes, Australia

I first approached Brian online after a bit of a training slump. Being a Powerlifting coach myself I already knew what I was looking for in a coach. I needed the accountability that comes from having a coach that provides clear, quality programming and advice as I progressed with my training, which really is why we all seek a coach. Compared to trying to program for myself, which resulted in doubt and a lack of being able to stick to a plan, working with Brian has been awesome. Not only are my lifts going up again, I’m also learning more as the process continues. If you’re after an online coach who wants to help make you stronger, Brian’s your guy! #cookmethod

Stewart, Australia

Been training with Brian since a prep leading into an August 2016 meet. Had a lot of factors (injury, inconsistency, new weight class) coming into that prep which made me on edge. Discussed the issues at hand and a plan was created. Finished that meet 9/9 with a new PR total and I’ve gone nothing but forward since. I’ve competed in 2 other meets under his coaching (Nov / April) and have achieved PR totals in each. Currently 3 weeks out from a meet and from the numbers we’ve been pushing this prep foresee a very large poundage increase across the board. Brian’s coaching style is knowledgeable and applicable to your individual issues that need to be addressed, which is why I think it has contributed greatly. Very easy going guy who is open to bounce ideas off of and have discussions with. I’m in the US while Brian is in Australia, yet the time gap has had zero hindrance on any communication between us.

Aaron, USA

Brian is an excellent coach, I am French and despite the distance that separates us he is always listening and very available to my questions. I become strong, his programs are excellent he is at the forefront of the latest research on powerlifting. Thanks a lot guy!

Cyril, France

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